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Alfa Romeo Spider

Alfa Romeo Spider
Autor: Johnny Tipler, 200 Seiten mit 140 Abbildungen, Format: 246 x 189 mm, gebundene Ausgabe, Sprache: Deutsch
Autor John Tipler
Seiten 200
Format 189 mm x 246 mm
Klappentext Alfa Romeo is synonymous with style and performance and these qualities are epitomised in forty years' production of the famous series of Spider sports cars. From the beautifully proportioned Guiletta Spider of 1955 to the latest styles launched in 1996, these cars have always been attractive, desirable and charismatic to own and drive.

Here, Alfa Romeo enthusiast John Tipler tells the full story of the conception, design, introduction and production of these charming sports cars, witht photographs throughout and road tests of significant models.

Topics covered include full development history, detailed specifications, road tests, restoration guide and list of importers. Fully illustrated with archive and contemporary photographs.