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Austin Allegro

Austin Allegro
Autor: Ben Wanklyn, 160 Seiten mit 170 Abbildungen, Format: 246 x 189 mm, broschierte Ausgabe, Sprache: Englisch
Untertitel An Enthusiast's Guide
Autor Ben Wanklyn
Seiten 160
Format 189 mm x 246 mm
Klappentext The stylist of the Austin Allegro, Harris Mann, said of the car that 'It took a lot of stick, but it wasn't that bad a car ... The trouble was that every one off the line was different in some way, thanks to quality control.' As a result, few have bothered to explore the little Austin's background; what it was designed to achieve, how it became the way it was, and what happened to make it so infamous.

Austin Allegro - An Enthusiast's Guide redresses the balance, telling the Allegro's tale of grand designs, high hopes, management compromises, failed dreams, industrial unrest, national ridicule and finally, redemption. Now experiencing something of a comeback as a cheap and cheerful classic, the book provides ownership advice and buying information for all models.

From the quietly competent series 2 models through to the sportily-styled and now very rare Equipe, the book re-evaluates the place of the Allegro in the classic car world and concludes that it is both a simple, economical classic choice, and an important part of British motoring history.