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MGF und TF

MGF und TF
Restoration Manual. Autor: Roger Parker, 304 Seiten mit 1000 farbigen Abbildungen, Format: 297 x 210 mm, gebundene Ausgabe, Sprache: Englisch
MGF and TF Restoration Manual provides the MGF or TF owner with a complete workshop guide to mechanical and body restoration for the cars. With the MGF in production between 1995 and 2001, and the MG TF until 2011, many of the cars have survived in a structurally and mechanically sound state, without the huge costs and complications of needing a complete body restoration that is so often the case with pre-1980 MGs.
Topics covered include.
• Model overview and parts supply
• Workshop safety information
• Bodywork [external and subframes]
• Trim [including hood problems and replacement]
• All mechanical components [including head gasket replacement]
• Electrical systems [including security systems]
• Modification [cosmetic, mechanical and engine]
Autor Roger Parker
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