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Brake bleeding set

Brake bleeding set
an excellent way to take away the fuss and mess from bleeding hydraulic systems. Fed by air pressure from the spare wheel, it provides 1/4 Lb of pressure to the fluid container
This system sets the standard for affordable brake and clutch bleeding systems. Suitable for one man operation, uses the air pressure from a spare tyre to effortless bleed hydraulic systems.
Content: 1 x bottle, 1 x bottle cap assembly with tyre connector, 3 x hose set - 3.5 x 303 mm, 5.4 x 303 mm, 5.4 x 183 mm, 1 x 25 mm cap and seal for Lockheed systems, 1 x 27 mm cap and seal for VAG, 1 x 44/45 mm plastic cap and 2 seals for metal Girling and all ATE systems (for 44 mm use thin seal, for 45 mm use thick seal), 1 x 46 mm cap and seal for some Girling systems. Other caps are available should these not fit the vehicle’s reservoir.