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Ignition amplifier

Ignition amplifier
REOPUS - complete unit with pick-up kit for all cars fitted with Lucas Opus ignition system. DIY kit for fitting into original Opus box. This set replaces the Lucas wire pickup with 1 black wire with red tracer and 2 black wires, the 3 pin connector fits existing amplifier connector

Jaguar XJ12: Series I and II carburettor cars (to engine no. 7 P25000) • E-Type V12 Series 3 (1971-74)

The original Lucas Opus pickup worked like a high frequency transformer and has a low resistance circuit. The problem is the pickups were often not good when new, they are not protected from the fumes in the distributor and they are unstable. There are a few other technical problems with the design.
• Our Reopus 3 and 4 amplifiers worked with the Lucas Opus pickup but we have not offered these for a couple of years.
• Sensor Technology has advanced over the years.
• The Reopus H uses modern Hall Effect technology this is the most reliable and accurate system available today.
Please note:
• You cannot use a Reopus H with any other sensor and you cannot use a Reopus H pickup with any other amplifier except out Reopus H.
• The coil technical requirements are: Must be for electronic ignition with ballast resistor. The coil primary resistance should be between 0.8 and 1ohm.
• The Reopus H provides more spark energy than the original Lucas Opus.
• The DC resistance of the Reopus H coil driver transistor (IGBT) is less and it also switches faster than the original original Lucas Opus so therefore more coil HT output.