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Making Cars at Longbridge

Autor Gillian Bardsley, Colin Corke
Seiten 192
Format 172 mm x 248 mm
Klappentext Lavishly illustrated with unique images from the official company archive, this book charts more than 100 years of car-making at the Longbridge factory, near Birmingham. Herbert Austin founded the Austin Motor Company here in April 1905 and it was subsequently home to the British Motor Corporation, British Leyland, Rover Group and, latterly, MG Rover. Its products include some of the most famous British models ever produced, such as the pioneering Austin Seven, the innovative trend-setting Mini, the popular Austin Metro and, in later years, the best-selling MG TF and elegant Rover 75. The factory was a major employer and an integral part of the local community from its beginnings until the sad events of April 2005, when MG Rover went into administration. This radically changed the landscape, spearheading the long-term regeneration of the area. The community is looking to the future with confidence, never forgetting its long and proud tradition of manufacturing. This fully updated version honours the 110th anniversary of the first motor production at Longbridge as well as the 150th birthday of Herbert Austin. It includes a new colour section showing various stages in the life of a car, from the design studio to the showroom.