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The Mini-Lathe

Untertitel Crowood Metalworking Guides
Autor Neil M. Wyatt
Seiten 128
Format 215 mm x 260 mm
Klappentext The mini-lathe is a useful tool in the model engineer's workshop. With more choice than ever of more compact machines, a mini-lathe is able to accommodate a wide range of engineering requirements, projects and techniques, as well as being suitable for the novice engineer and for those with limited workshop space. Author and model engineer Neil Wyatt provides a practical guide to purchasing and using a mini-lathe, as well as examining more advanced techniques. The book includes a projects section to show the application of mini-lathe techniques.

Topics covered include:

Choosing a mini-lathe
Workshop safety and setting up the lathe
Basic through to more advanced machining skills
Modifications, additions and tuning of the mini-lathe