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MGB: The Illustrated History

Tthe illustrated history. Englischer Text, von Jonathan Wood und Lionel Burrell, 256 Seiten, Din A4, 2. Auflage incl. MGB RV8


Autor Jonathan Wood, Lionel Burrell
Seiten 256
Format 215 mm x 278 mm
Klappentext Sales of over half-a-million made the MGB Britain's most successful ever sports car. This is the history of this car, taking readers behind the scenes at the MGB factory at Abingdon. This new edition is brought up-to-date with the inside story of the creation of the MG-RV8 now going into production. The book also contains a selection of photographs and cut-away illustrations of the main "B" variants in full colour. The book should appeal to classic car enthusiasts, motoring historians and MGB owners past, present and future. Both Jonathan Wood and Lionel Burrell have been closely associated with classic cars for most of their lives and have worked for the magazine "Classic Cars".