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Limora Late Night:
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Ich bin Stefan Reischuck und heute
von 7 Uhr und später noch einmal
bis 22 Uhr für Sie erreichbar
Tel. +49 (0) 26 83 - 97 99 0


Jaguar Fächerkrümmer
Concours Qualität aus Edelstahl. Ausführung mit langen Hosenrohren

Jaguar E-Type 3.8 und 4.2 Serie 1 und 2 (1961-70)

Having now completed our move to new premises, and revised our manufacturing and quality controls, we can now show our new Re-Engineered E-Type Long Manifold with it’s more symmetrical design of ‘Primary Pipes’ and ‘Link Pipes’. This first phase has been two months of an ongoing major improvement of manufacturing and quality control techniques. Also the comments from the first customer and photo of our new improved ‘Long Manifold’ are attached. We are currently improving the design and quality of all our systems to meet our aim of supplying an even better product for your valued Classic Car.
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