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für Kühlsystem - stabile transparente Polycarbonatröhre mit 3 mm Wandung, hitzebeständig bis 150°C, Edelstahl Doppelsieb zum filtern von Verunreinigungen im Kühsystem. Länge 70 mm, Durchmesser 40,6 mm (1,6") für Schläuche von ca. 38 bis 44 mm geeignet.
Radiators get blocked in the course of normal operation, some quicker than others.
• The filter if used properly does not restrict coolant circulation; dirt allowed to lodge in the radiator will.
• The filter traps dirt which can’t return to the engine when it is switched off – steadily the cooling system becomes cleaner and cleaner.
• Because of the transparent housing, dirt can easily be seen and cleaned out; additionally you can monitor the state of the cooling system and diagnose problems.
• The filter is very durable and will not look out of place in a classic engine bay.