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MG Stabilisatorarm
verstärkte Ausführung mit einstellbaren Gelenkköpfen mit Innengewinde - Satz mit 2 Stück

MG MGB (1962-80) • MGB V8 (1973-76)

With the standard link a lot of effort is put into twisting the two rubber bushes. This is inefficient and dulls the driving experience.
The use of ball joints gives very low friction and very high precision so it vastly reduces the resistance on the link joining the suspension to the anti roll bar, giving more response and a better drive.
Unlike ‘Rose’ joints these links with their sealed pre lubricated ball joints last a long time and do not transmit NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness).
This kit compliments and enhances the fitment of larger diameter anti roll bars and poly bushes.