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Haynes Tuning the A-series engine

Tuning the A-series engine
Autor: David Vizard, 520 Seiten mit 735 zumeist farbigen Abbildungen, Format: 270 x 210 mm, gebundene Ausgabe, Sprache Englisch

Mini alle Mini

Sprite / Midget alle Sprite und Midget

Das ultimative Tuning Buch von David Vizard für alle Midget/Sprite Modelle mit 948, 1098 und 1275 ccm sowie alle Mini von 848 bis 1275 ccm.
Autor David Vizard
Seiten 512
Format 216 mm x 276 mm x 35 mm
Klappentext Drawing on more than 30 years of experience in engine research and development, backed up with a computer-age workshop, David Vizard gives a comprehensive guide to tuning the A-series engine for either performance or economy. He provides the very latest technical data in the third edition of this best-seller, which has nearly 750 illustrations and an easy-to-follow text remains the essential work’ Classics‘a spectacularly detailed piece of work’ Cars & Car Conversions‘regarded as the essential reference’ Safety Fast