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Triumph Verschlussplatte
Kurbelwelle. Ersetzt den gusseisernen Lüfterflügel-Aufsatz und wird benötigt, wenn von mechanischen auf elektrischen Lüfter umgerüstet wird

Triumph TR2, TR3, TR3A, TR3B, TR4, TR4A

Converting a Triumph from a mechanical cooling fan to an electrical fan is just about the perfect first upgrade. Benefits include improved cooling, horsepower savings, slight savings in fuel consumption. Some say the original crankshaft driven fan robs about six (6) horsepower! Removal of the original fan set up allows an electric fan to be mounted behind the radiator in a "puller" configuration. The aluminum replacement with bolt and lock washer weigh a total of 250 g. Simply put, the fan kit reduces your original mechanical fan weight by 92%! This reduction in rotating mass allows for quicker acceleration and an instant gain in horsepower. This fan eliminator is a replacement for the original cast iron fan spacer. Machined from a billet of aluminum, it is stronger and far lighter than the original. Testing the aluminum retainer for distortion was done by actually over-torquing the retainer bolt to more than 200 Nm, the max rating for my torque wrench. Other than a mar from the lock washer, no damage at all was done to the retainer.