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5-speed gearbox conversion kit

complete kit with a reconditioned Ford gearbox with specially modified remote

Triumph TR6 from September 1972 (P.I. from chassis no. CR1, carburettor from chassis no. CF1)

We have adapted the standard Ford T9 gearbox with 0.8:1 ratio in the 5th gear to fit various classic cars which benefit from a 5 speed conversion.
These kits come including a fully reconditioned gearbox, new bell housing, chassis brackets, propshaft, clutch plate and release bearing, spedo drive and all necessary fittings.
The specially modified gear change puts the gear lever close to the original position, with no modifications required to the upper area of the gearbox cover. The original clutch hydraulic system is retained. The speedometer drive features a special right angle drive and is pre-calibrated - i.e. no calibration of the speedometer is required.
Vehicle Type Approval N