Austin Healey spare parts at Limora

Anyone who wants to drive a real racing car has made the right choice with one of these absolute classics: sporty and timelessly sleek in a typically English way, it is still a real admiration factor on the road.

To keep these rally veterans in good condition and to give them their due, we offer you our telephone service. Our experts will be glad to advise you. In our catalogues you will also find everything else your Austin Healey needs.

Stefan Reischuck

has learned in the restoration business. Large garage, therefore authentic expertise, especially for Austin Healey. Likes to listen to your questions in the store in Düsseldorf, and even better to answer them.

Steering box
Product number: 205358
non adjustable. New item, high ratio type (12.5:1)

High performance starter motor
Product number: 326247
power: 1.4 kW. Please note: 22 mm standard offset for use with genuine flywheel ring gear

Door lock remote control
Product number: 303512

Door lock remote control
Product number: 304131

Boot rack
Product number: 536044
'works type' made of stainless steel

Boot rack
Product number: 204744
'works type' chromed

Shock absorber conversion
Product number: 326134
complete kit for front and rear axle including 4 Bilstein dampers

Inlet manifold
Product number: 214610
full flow type - new item

Product number: 321103
for fog or spot lamps including fitting kit and towing eye - sold as a pair for vehicles with no front bumper

Product number: 359171
with pulley for drive belt with 7 grooves and connection for vaccum pump. Power: 120 Ampere, voltage: 12 Volt

Crankshaft sprocket
Product number: 17638
double row

Driving pinion
Product number: 206908
oil pump - on crankshaft

Number plate backing
Product number: 215112
front. Complete kit with hinge and stay

Brake conversion kit
Product number: 505922
front to 4 pot aluminium calipers with vented discs

Tubular manifold
Product number: 207223
stainless steel. Big bore variant with 2" diameter. Now with stainless steel flanges (new)


Austin Healey 100

The Austin Healey 100, combining under itself the BN1 and the revised BN2 models, was named after its top speed - at the time, one of the few cars that could consistently maintain a speed of 100 mph or 160 km/h. The Austin Healey 100 is a roadster and was produced until 1959.

From 1955 there were improvements: The three-speed gearbox of the AH 100 became a four-speed gearbox and more powerful engines (110 hp) were used. The overdrive, which had already been introduced with the three-speed gearbox, was retained. The typical two-tone paint scheme that distinguishes the Austin Healey was introduced with this model. The fan grille identifies it as a relative of the original Healey from the 52s.

Austin Healey 100/6 - the extension

The Austin Healey 100/6 models can equally shine as successors to the AH 100: Built on the same concept but these were 2+2 seaters fitted with 6-cylinder engines. For this purpose, the wheelbase and the length of the car were increased, which led to an additional weight of about 130 kg.

In 1957, the engine was reworked and from then on had an impressive 117 hp. In addition to this BN4, the BN6 also appeared as a two-seater, which combined the features of the BN1 and BN2 with those of the BN4.

You can recognise the classic by the oval radiator grille, the more angular lines and the sporty, chic appearance.

Austin Healey 3000 - the rally star

Production of the legendary 3000 models began in 1959 with the Austin Healey BN7 (Mark I-III), which took victories at many rallies in Europe. After the engine capacity was increased to 3 litres (2912cm3), the Austin Healey 100/6 was named the 3000. The roadsters with open 2+2 seats fell under the designation BN7, the convertibles with crank windows under BJ7 (Mark II) and BJ8 (Mark III).

The rally icon was given its shape by Gerry Coker, who dressed the roadster in sweeping lines without much ornamentation: the sleek shape, the curved windscreen and the folding top that folds up on the rear unmistakably identify it as English.


Austin Healey spare parts at Limora

Together with the predecessor 100 and the successor 3000, the Austin Healey 100-Six is one of the most popular classics of all. If you are one of the proud owners of this racing car, you will find everything you need in terms of spare parts for the Austin Healey BN1 to BJ8.