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Automatic enrichment device

Jaguar Automatic enrichment device
for SU-HS8 and SU-HIF7 carburettors

Jaguar XJ6 Series I and II with SU-HS8 or HIF7 carburettors: Series I from March 1971 (4. 2 with A/C from engine no. 7L29582, 4.2 without A/C from engine no. 7L26480, 2.8 from engine no. 7G16693), Series II to May 1976 (4.2 to engine no. 8L26203, 4.2 Australia exports to engine no. 8L28385, 3.4 to engine no. 8A5098)

If you like your original equipment and you don't want to change to something different, we can still serve you: SC Parts provides a very well made, remanufactured starting carburettor, to speed up cold engine starts.