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Land Rover Automatic transmission fluid

ATF 402
The ATF402 automatic transmission fluid serves a multitude of purposes on your Freelander. Among other things, it cleans, cools, lubricates, transmits force, transmits pressure, inhibits varnish build-up and protects the transmission on a day-to-day basis. The overwhelming majority of transmission failures are heat-related, and automatic transmission fluid breaks down rapidly when subjected to high temperatures. Driving conditions such as trailer towing, quick stops and starts, ascending and descending mountains, and wheel-spinning in slippery conditions are but a few scenarios that can devastate the life of the transmission fluid.
Recommended for Freelander I (1996-2006) and Discovery Series II (1998-2004) with the Jacto JF506E transmissions.
Oil Name ATF 402
Viscosity -
Base Oil synthetic
Specifications • Land Rover STC53016, STC50531 und LRN402
• ATF Type 3100 PL085
• ATF Type K17
• ATF N402.
Scope multigrade
Filling Quantity 1 l