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How to restore Triumph TR7 & 8

How to restore Triumph TR7 & 8
written by Roger Williams, 144 pages with 500 most coloured illustrations, size: 270 x 207 mm, binding: paperback, language: English
Aided by TR specialists, ample photographic support, his own experiences and those of other amateur restorers, the author explains what to look for when purchasing a TR7 or 8 and how to restore it cost-effectively with a minimum of professional help.
The complete guide to completely restoring these Triumph models. Learn how to create a restoration plan and get the help you need. Tips show you how to restore the car in the most cost-effective way. Includes information on Clubs, specialists & suppliers. Information on welding & restoration techniques and the use of modern oils & fuels in Classic cars. The author explains the characteristics of the various Triumph TR Sports cars, what to look out for when purchasing one & how to restore it cost effectively.
Author Roger Williams
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