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Mini 50 Years

Author: Rob Golding - English, 176 pages, 220 illustrations, 229 mm x 152 mm, Hardcover

Mini Mini

Author Rob Golding
Pages 176
Format 230 mm x 153 mm
Blurb Its not the size that matters, Austin Powers tells his son as they look over the MINI, "but how you use it." And the diminutive MINI has made it big-from the first. This book tells the full story of the iconic car from its initial launch in the late 1950s through its current super-hip BMW-built incarnation-right up to the revised version set for release in 2006. The threads that tie together the original MINI and todays are numerous and fascinating-almost as interesting as the differences that set the two cars apart-and MINI 50 Years follows them all. From the swingin 60s darling-immortalized in the original The Italian Job in 1961 and again in the 2003 remake-to the racing champ to the twenty-first-century hipster transport, author and mini expert Rob Golding treats readers to every thrill that marks the MINI.