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Characteristic: power steering unit and track rod ends with imperial threads.
Series I: Jaguar short wheel base models from 1P1239 and 1P50141, Daimler short wheel base models from 2A1103 and 2A50003, all Jaguar, Daimler and Vanden Plas long wheel base models.
Series II: Jaguar Saloon to 2R3922 and 2R53902, Daimler Saloon to 2K2196 and 2K50090, Vanden Plas to 2P1872 and 2P50055, Jaguar Coupe from 2G1014 and 2G50000, Daimler Coupe to 2F1003 and 2F50001.

Power steering unit - Series I from June 1972, Series II to May 1975 (carburettor cars)