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William Morris extended his bicycle manufacture into a successful car factory. An attractive model policy, modern production methods and good prices made Morris the market leader. Shortly after the introduction of the most famous Morris car, the Morris Minor of 1948, Morris merged with the largest competitor Austin to form the British Motor Corporation.

The Minor, developed by Alec Issigonis, is what the Beetle was to Germany or the Renault 4 to France: the everyday car. Parts of the Minor can be found in many British vehicles from Sprite / Midget to Ital. The large number of cars built and the technical closeness to the small sports cars, lead to a good parts supply and a good availability of enhancements.
  • Morris Minor (1952-71) Morris Minor (1952-71) The successor to the pre-war Morris Eight was the Morris Minor, being presented in autumn 1948. Developed by a team led by Alec Issigonis the car sat benchmarks in regards of handling and comfort. After the merger with Austin the Minor received the engine of the Austin A30, afterwards the engine of the A35. For its time the car, now called the ADO 56, was reasonably well motorized. The Minor came in many different body styles and has survived in large numbers. Many technical improvements, such as take over telescopic shock absorbers, disc brakes or more powerful engines from other BMC models fit, so you can improve your car to a more safely standard. We offer comfortable part supply both in original parts as well as in the tuning or improvement parts, even for the later Marinas and Itals. Most of the Morris Minor parts we supply directly out of our stock.