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Rolls Royce / Bentley

We have practised long enough: now we dare to venture into the top class: parts for classic Rolls Royce and identical Bentley. Below you will find the first batch of available parts, attractively priced and expertly sold. Please visit us regularly, we are working day and night to expand our range.

The extensive Rolls Royce catalogue database is under construction. But we already have a number of technical spare parts in our program. So we have almost all parts for automatic, cooling and brakes available from stock.

  • Rolls Royce Silver Cloud and Bentley S-Series (1955-66) Rolls Royce: Silver Cloud I,II,III and Phantom IV, V • Bentley S1, S2, S3 • Coachbuilt and LWB Derivates The Silver Cloud was the successor of the Silver Dawn and the first real post-war construction, drawn by J.P. Blatchley. According to the tradition of Rolls Royce, the vehicle had a solid steel tube frame which allowed individual bodywork. However, most of the cars were delivered with a factory body from Pressed Steel, as the time of free coachbuilders was coming to an end. The Silver Cloud of the first series suffered from a sluggish motorization, which was concidered to be insufficient even for its time. Series 2 got a 6,2 ltr. V8 in 1959 which provided more then sufficient power. In the third series the car, which had remained optically unchanged until then, got front double headlights. They already lead the way to its successor. The numbers build were neat: 2444 vehicles of the first series, 2782 of the second and 2578 of the third series. The Bentley models differed only by radiator grille and logo.
  • Rolls Royce Silver Shadow and Bentley T-Series (1965-80) Rolls Royce Silver Shadow and Bentley T-Series (1965-80) Rolls Royce: Silver Shadow I, II, Corniche (1971-80), Camargue (1975-80) and Silver Wraith II (1965-80) • Bentley: T1 and T2 The Silver Shadow replaced the Silver Cloud in 1965. The Silver Cloud, which was very conservative even for its time, was followed by a technically very up-to-date vehicle with a self-supporting body, independent suspension and level control. The engine was taken over from its predecessor, the body was again produced by Pressed Steel. Overall, the vehicle became more compact and modern without compromising ride comfort and space. The Silver Shadow is regarded as a formally very successful vehicle. From 1977 the Silver Shadow became retroactively Series 1, while the following model was designated as Series 2. The differences would be clear: Exterior mirrors were somewhat more voluminous and the bumpers were covered with rubber. Only in 1980 the model was replaced after more than 28,476 Rolls Royce and 3867 Bentleys. The Bentley models got the designations T1 and T2 and differed only in radiator grille and logo.
  • Rolls Royce Silver Spirit (1980-98) and Bentley Mulsanne (1980-92) Rolls Royce Silver Spirit (1980-98) and Bentley Mulsanne (1980-92) Rolls Royce: Silver Spirit, Silver Spur, Silver Dawn II, Corniche, Centenary, Park Ward and Touring Saloon • Bentley: Mulsanne, Turbo, Turbo R, Eight, Brooklands, Continental, Continental R, SC, T and Azure The Silver Spirit became the successor of the Silver Shadow in 1980. Already since 1972 the team around John Hollings developed this vehicle. Floor assembly and engine were adopted largely unchanged. The body was developed by Fritz Feller. The low waistline and the considerably enlarged window areas gave a modern and contemporary appearance to the vehicle. The then current W116 from Mercedes was used as a design reference. The body of the Silver Spirit was no longer available as a coupe or convertible, but in response to changing market requirements there was a special protection variant. Due to the long construction period of the model until 1998 the expert distinguishes four series from Mk1 to Mk4, whose variants were partly sold under different model names. Inquiries to these vehicles please with chassis number. A total of 18,989 examples of the Silver Spirit have been produced. The Bentley models were called Mulsanne and some of them were much more sporty than their Rolls Royce siblings. Remarkable is the Mulsanne Turbo, whose Garret loader accelerated the car impressively in 7 sec. to 100km/h.