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Mahle Piston set

1088 EUR
Piston set
standard size. Specifications: 3-ring piston, standard bore size: 3.543", compression ratio: 7.8:1

Jaguar E-Type 5.3 V12 Series 3 (1971-74) • XJ12 Series I and II, Series III to engine no. 7P42299 (to September 1981, i.e. not HE engines) • XJS 5.3 V12 to engine no. 8S18000 (to February 1981, i.e. not HE engines)

You won't want to use anything else:
Pistons move at up to 70 km / h, 100 times per second back and forth. At the end of each run they need to stop dead. At the top of the stroke they are blown back with 1,000° C hot exhaust gas at pressures up to 100 bar on the piston head. That is what Mahle pistons are designed for.
With each set of Mahle pistons you are buying the premium experience of a manufacturer that has been making pistons since the 1920s - supplying the original equipment for many car manufacturers. This "know how", in conjunction with best aluminum-silicon alloys results in a product of precision and quality assurance, corresponding to the state of the art of advanced production technology, providing highly reliable, durable and powerful engines for the discerning customer.