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About Limora

Welcome to the Limora online store - the address for all parts and accessories for classic English cars, from the Mini, Austin Healey, Sprite the model range of Triumph and MG, to the broad range of Jaguar models.
Almost since the dawn of motoring, sports-mad England decided that of course, cars can be sporty. Satisfying this national craze has resulted in the British car industry having created the world's largest selection of sports cars. Naturally the rest of the world wanted to benefit from this so the vehicles were exported all over the world. Many of the vehicles parts have survived in our sheds and garages.

Limora operated for over 20 years with constantly increasing success supplying spare parts for these vehicles. Our aim is not only to provide you with the right part but to help you to enjoy your classic car at a reasonable cost and with maximum satisfaction. We write, in all humility and a necessary respect for other suppliers, but a reputation for the high availability of parts is a particular merit of Limora. Your vehicle may have been built up to 50 years ago. Over 30 years of history the manufacturer's factory has been a constant development area. Nevertheless, any parts needed for vehicle operation, we usually deliver within 2 days.

Our spare parts catalogues (please order your copy for free here), not only show all available spare parts, but also the mounting position and the surrounding hardware. This makes that small repair or restoration clear and logical.

In the catalogues the individual models are grouped by manufacturer. Then you select from the vehicle type. The parts themselves are divided into 21 categories across the entire vehicle inventory. You order the required part numbers in our webshop by clicking on the number. The operation of the shop meets current standards. For questions on stock or products simply use our hotline: +49 (0)2683-9799-0.