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We are now working regularly on Jaguar XK engines. Reasons for the overhaul are often declining performance, obvious wear or noticeable noises.

The actual causes can then be found when disassambling the engine. We find engines with worn piston rings, traces of seizure and scuffing as well as the classic bearing damage in the crankcase. Rusty and rotten cylinder studs are also common, often due to unsuitable coolant. The engine timing is often affected as well. This includes run-in slide rails and worn timing chains. Run-in tappets and loosened tappet guides also appear, which in many cases are responsible for audible noises.

The repair procedure depends on the customer's demands. The crank drive is uncomplicated. The crankshaft can be overhauled several times as the bearings are available in several oversizes.

The cast block usually does not warp, so that the bearing aisle does not have to be remilled. The liners are also easy to change. If the material between the liners is damaged, it is possible to use liners with collars. Pistons and conrods are available in different sizes and qualities. The oil circuit can be repaired with the original parts we stock. We usually use Mahle or Nüral pistons, which are available in quite some oversizes. So are the seat rings and valve guides in the cylinder head.

Regarding the camshaft, we stock a suitable solution for every customer requirement. Particular attention is paid to adjusting the valve clearance when machining the cylinder head. Because the camshafts have to be removed to adjust the valve clearance with the help of shims, this is a job for  experienced specialists. After final assembly, the block and the cylinder head are painted in the correct colour, the engine is filled with oil and tested.


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