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Room for improvements


Ladies and Gentlemen, valued customers,

working on the XK, in fact one of the most fascinating cars of all time, leaves room for improvements. Technically advanced materials, better engineering or smaller tolerances: There are many ways to improve even a good car.
Some of the most beautifully crafted parts can be seen in this first part of our Jaguar XK newsletter below. Even more to be seen next week.

Best regards
Your Limora Team


Brand new chassis frames for all XK

fits perfectly. Very well made chassis frame, made to much smaller tolerances than original. Make your project a safe ride and omit welding on parts that may be harmful to your health.

XK120 part no. 206384 ‍£‍ ‍4,577

XK140 part no. 316399 ‍£‍ ‍4,606

XK150 part no. 336411 ‍£‍ ‍4,679


Harmonic crankshaft balancer

helps prolong the life of your engine. This damper replaces the original old fashioned and often perished damper. The damper has been tried and tested, it removes longitudinal waves caused by the crankshaft movement Fits all Jaguar 6 cyl. (for XK120 some modifications are reqired)

part no. 317596 ‍£‍ ‍384


Composite cylinder head gasket

standard thickness – extra thick – full race

  • original German manufacture
  • extremely adaptable
  • sandwich construction moulds itself to any imperfections
  • updated sealing technology
  • combustion chamber linings made from stainless steel
  • increased temperature resistance
  • increased compression resistance
  • nonstick Silicone coating



part no.



standard thickness


£‍ ‍135

thickness 1,8 mm


£‍ ‍167

Full Race


£‍ ‍167


standard thickness


£‍ ‍135

thickness 1,8mm


£‍ ‍167

Full Race,
thickness 1.6 mm,
bore size 90.5 mm


£‍ ‍167


Full Race,
thickness 1,62 mm,
bore size 93,8 mm


£‍ ‍135


Fuel tank

made from 2 mm N4BS1470 special aluminium best welding seams

XK120 FHC and RDST
part no. 210750 ‍£‍ ‍590

part no. 336558 ‍£‍ ‍590

part no. 328301 ‍£‍ ‍590


Expansion tank

Made from stainless steel. Reuse coolant and protect your engine from corrosion. Made from stainless steel.

part no. 324882 ‍£‍ ‍237


Fan blade

lightweight, balanced, high efficient air flow

Jaguar XK120 from engine no. W5465 (May 1952) • XK140 (1954-57)
part no. 479993 ‍£‍ ‍98

Jaguar XK150 and XK150S (1957-61) • Mark II (1959-69) • S-Type (1963-68)
part no. 479924 ‍£‍ ‍98


Aluminium radiator

Combines light material, a highly efficient core and good workmanship.

part no. 349102 ‍£‍ ‍824

XK140 early
part no. 349184 ‍£‍ ‍824

XK140 late
part no. 320590 ‍£‍ ‍824

part no. 348497 ‍£‍ ‍824


The XK 120 / 140, by Bernard Viart

This really quite extraordinary book records every detail for both LHD and RHD models and all body styles of this popular Jaguar sports car of the 1950s. Absolutely invaluable for both professional and amateur restorers – identify what should be where and what‘s missing!
1,000 pages with 5,000 most coloured illustrations, size: 305 x 229 mm, hardcover with dust jacket, language: English

part no. 499736 ‍£‍ ‍172

part no. 495610 ‍£‍ ‍172


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