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Conversion kit

Land Rover Conversion kit
to air condition
Our Full and Upgrade Kits were long-term development projects that were initiated by demand after the sucess of our Mark II A/C Kit. We wanted to retain the look of a Series 2 original equipment unit, but made it 2-3 times more efficient (colder). The original evaporator (inside the car) case had undersized vents and a totally inefficient core, so we fixed all that. We designed ours to accept a super-efficient core, updated the vent louvers, and ended up with a unit that has almost the same dimensions. The front face is the only change and is marginally taller than the original. The condenser and compressor were also updated to the most efficient units available.

We now offer the only viable alternative to homely "Hang Down" systems or some other inefficient unit unable to cool properly. We use only the best custom-made and most efficient parts available.
Full kit contents:
• new custom evaporator / blower assembly with serpentine core
• new custom compressor and alternator bracket
• new rotary compressor
• new drier with Hi-Lo switch
• new Hi-Tech multi-flow condenser
• new barrier hoses with properly clocked fittings
• all mounting hardware and brackets
• instructions in English