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Triumph Engine
exchange. Features: 143 PS camshaft, short backed crankshaft with spigot bush in flywheel, flat top cylinder block, cylinder head with 9.5:1 compression ratio, 86.4 mm thickness, and 23 mm space between centre inlet ports

Triumph TR6 P.I. from engine no. CP50001 to CP54584 (1970 to 1971)

All our engines are equipped with new pistons, piston pins, piston rings, main and big end bearings, small-end bushes, timing chain, gaskets, front oil seal and core plugs. Every cylinder head is inspected for cracks. Valve guides are measured for wear and either resized or renewed to conform to original tolerances. Valve seats are machined so as to retain the correct seat angles, widths, valve heights and valve seating concentric with the centre line of the valve guide bore. Valves are replaced. All valve springs are tested for squareness, free height and compressed load length. Cylinder heads are checked for distortion and thickness. When machining the cylinder head face, particular attention is paid to maintaining the correct surface finish specified by the gasket manufacturer.
Camshafts will be reprofiled where possible, if not possible, new ones will be offered at a extra cost. Crankshafts are grinded and polished to produce the exact dimensions and surface finish required. Each cylinder block is rebored or resleeved and honed to give the precise surface finish and cross-hatch required. All main housings are measured for size, ovality, taper and weight-graded into engine sets. Every con rod is checked for alignment and weight-graded into engine sets. Oil pump: The clearance between rotor and body is measured. The oil pressure valve is dismantled and cleaned. All non-conforming parts are replaced. All our engines are hot run under their own power in purpose-built test cells. Every engine is subjected to a series of checks and the results are recorded against each specific engine serial number. On all our engines we grant with professional installation 24-month guarantee in accordance with our general terms of trade.