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Exhaust system with tubular manifold

in mirror finished stainless steel. 2" big bore type with straight thru main silencer

Jaguar XK120 (1949-54)

An increase in power of around 2 to 5% can be achieved in the mid range (2500 – 3500 rpm) which gives the engine a stronger torque curve.
Visual appearance: Mirror finish full length of primaries, ripple free, full bore bends, no visual welding at ports, manifold flange port welds ‘Fully Stress Relieved’’. Technical features: 304 x 1.2mm W.T. stainless steel, machine flared ports for optimal gas flow, CNC full mandrel bent tubing, fits with no modification to standard, link pipes supplied to suit standard or 2″ big bore silencer, replaces existing system between head and middle silencer.
Supplied complete with gaskets, fixings and clamps. XK systems includes alternator heat shields.
Vehicle Type Approval N