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Fingerless gloves

Fingerless gloves
made from finest peccary leather with perforated back, gold colour, size: 7.5
Real peccary - feel it!
Only the skin of the original South American Peccary - a wild hog - shows the neccessary softness and cotton - like touch to give unique comfortable and elegant gloves. Du to export testrictions the number of skins is very limited and makes the product even more valuable. Small defects and slight colour variations proof the natural and indidual character of the leather.
Colour gold
Size 7,5
Sex unisex
Fingers Mitt
Application driver glove
Material peccary leather
Material (back) leather, perforated
Care Instructions Please wash the gloves, before they are very polluted, with warm water and mildy washing powder. Take the gloves on your hands during washing, after washing please rinse them good and enunciate the water. After that pull the gloves in a long figure and hang them for drying but protect the gloves for a high temperature and sun. If the gloves are dry, please take on the gloves to manufacture the figur and softness. Do not wash leather together with other materials.