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LRZ 2, cartridge for universal grease guns
LZR 2 longlife grease is a new grease for roller and friction bearings, that is made from high quality basic oils by using lithium soaps as thickening agents. It shows an extraordinary oxidation resistance. LZR 2 grease is water resistant, adhesive, can be loaded with pressure and is protective against corrosion. These properties, in connection with high work resistance, very good abrasion rating and particularly strong adhesive quality, characterise this lubricant as particularly appropriate for lubrication under difficult operating conditions and at highly loaded roller and friction bearings. Practical advantages: LZR 2 can be used universally as a long-term grease. It is recommended for lubrication of vehicles, industrial machinery and for all machines and devices in the field of construction, stone and earth. Temperature range: -30° to +120°C.
Filling Quantity 400 g