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How to power tune MGB 4 cylinder engine

MG How to Power Tune MGB 4-Cylinder Engines
Author: Peter Burgess - English, 144 pages, over 100 illustrations, 250 mm x 207 mm, Softcover


Author Peter Burgess
Pages 144
Format 250 x 207 mm
Blurb Want to get maximum performance from your MGB? This is the book for you!
Containing all you could want to know, and all the expert tips about getting the maximum performance, for road or track, from the MGB’s four-cylinder B-series engine. This expanded and updated edition is packed with clear, understandable, down-to-earth advice. Starting with the first principles of engine power, it shows how you can tune and enhance every aspect of the MGB B-series engine, and more. Covering the ‘top ten’ of engine tuning techniques in detail, Peter Burgess goes yet further – from handy ‘power recipes’ for getting the performance that you want, to in-depth instructions on improving handling with suspension, brake and tyre upgrades.
Detailed appendices are included, providing useful formulae, cam timing tables for Piper and Kent cams, and a host of performance and tuning data to help you with your tuning.