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RH front

Jaguar XJ6 Series II from November 1973 to November 1976: 2.8 from 2U50002 - 4.2 SWB models from 2N3480, 2N51655, 2M1659 and 2M50016 - 4.2 LWB models from 2T1526 to 2T19634, from 2T50002 to 2T64824, from 2S1089 to 2S8459 and from 2S50002 to 2S50393 - 4.2 Coupe to 2J2664, 2J53009, 2H1988 and 2H50061 - 3.4 to 3A4150, 3A51110, 3B2569 and 3B50004 - Vanden Plas to 3C1497 and 3C50002 • XJ12 Series II from November 1973 to November 1976: Saloon from 2R1478 to 2R4402, from 2R50211 to 2R57151, from 2K1079 to 2K2497 and from 2K50006 to 2K57151 - Vanden Plas from 2P1152 to 2031 and from 2P50002 to 2P50207 - Coupe to 2G1375, 2G51150, 2F1194 and 2F50024