Koni Shock absorber

Product number: 17042
rear. Required mounting kit: 16532


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Product Information "Koni Shock absorber"

rear. Required mounting kit: 16532

Triumph: TR4A with IRS axle (1965-67) • TR5, TR250 and TR6 (1967-76)

Koni Classic line type 30
Continuously adjustable telescopic shock absorbers with Koni 2-chamber system type 30. In this system the liquid is pumped from an inner to an outer chamber. This prevents foaming of the liquid and thus a loss of damping effect at a fast spring rate.
Koni makes modern shock absorber technology available for classic cars and cars from the '50s, '60s, '70s and '80s. This range makes our extensive know-how and experience of improving handling and road holding available to owners of classic cars. Classic shock absorbers have the same superior qualities which the red Koni Special and the yellow Koni Sport shock absorbers offer to modern cars. Your classic car will run so smoothly that you won't recognise it. Koni Classic shock absorbers are finished with the traditional red gloss and wing logo used for the very first Koni shock absorbers. Koni Classic provides a unique combination of modern technology combined with traditional looks.
Koni's are adjustable, which means that you can influence the behaviour of the car to meet your preferences. It also means that wear can be compensated (however, you will probably never need it). Last but not least; Koni's are built to last a lifetime. Once you bought a set of Koni's for your car, they will usually outlive it.
The Koni Philosophy
As Koni is known as the shock absorber specialist par excellence, they commit themselves to delivering to their customers the finest quality product with the best performance. Koni has a vast experience and worldwide reputation in optimizing their products for any specific application to perfection. Koni engineers ensure that every product is manufactured to meet the highest standards. This philosophy results in unrivalled lifetime, superb road performance and maximum customer satisfaction. The Koni philosophy is a non-compromise one.

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