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Thor Mallet Thorace

dead blow nylon hammer for maximal force
• length: 310 mm
• head diameter: 44 mm
• weight: 950 g
The rebound free "Thorace" hammer has a coated casting head and an aluminium handle with an ergonomic and cushioning rubber cover. The hollow head is filled with steel balls that increase the weight, dampen the backstroke and provide a powerful blow. Supplied with 2 durable nylon faces that can be easily replaced by hand if necessary.
For special applications further attachments are available in soft = grey, medium = red, solid = brown, hard = white or extra hard rockwell = yellow.
This is the ideal hammer for technicians, coachbuilders, fitters, toolmakers etc. Precise, powerful strokes without recoil. Whoever has to work with a hammer all day long will appreciate this construction.