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The MGA was born from the need to replace the MG TF models, which were totally outdated visually. Based on the technology and modified frame of its predecessor, a new model was created that was technically and visually at the height of its time. The small sleek sports car enjoyed extraordinary popularity in the 1950s and 1960s, especially outside its home country -about 90% of the production was sold abroad.
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Current offers for your MGA

The MGA as the first of its kind

The MGA was officially unveiled at the IAA in Frankfurt in 1955. The export hit set completely new visual standards and broke completely with the old-fashioned lines of its predecessor, the TF 1500. Like its predecessors, the MGA was available primarily as a roadster, but was also built as a coupe. The MGA was the first car of a completely new MG series.

The new car design was made possible by the BMC-B engine, which allowed a flatter hood on the MGA.

MGA models and prices

The small roadster became one of the most successful British sports cars of its time right from the start! And this not necessarily because of its performance of 69 or 72 HP, but rather because of its design. During its 7 years of production there were 4 different models of the MGA, two of which were also available in a deluxe version.

  • the 1500
  • the Twin Cam
  • the 1600 and the 1600 Deluxe
  • the Mark II and the Mark II Deluxe

The MGA Twin Cam had a full 108 hp, but as a driver you also had to deal with engine failures quite often. Nevertheless you have to dig deepest onto your pocket for the Twin Cam today.

For the roadster you pay around 43,000 euros, the coupe is available for 5,000 euros less. The MGA 1500 coupe is the cheapest of the series, you can get it for less than 20,000 euros.

The little speedster, which makes it nearly an acrobatic exercise to get into the car , let drivers enjoy true roadster glory then as now thanks to its long hood, low seating position and classically designed instruments. The MGA's steering demands a lot of power, and as a driver you have to be in shape when driving this classic.

MGA spare parts at Limora

The MGA stock of spare parts is full and if you are looking for precisely fitting spare parts with professional advice, then Limora is the right place for you! We deliver MGA spare parts directly from stock and are available daily from 06:00 to 22:00 for you if you have questions about our range. Our proven MG experts will be glad to help you maintain and preserve your enthusiast vehicle!