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Mirror glass

convex - for LH door mirror with automatic dimming function

Jaguar XK8 5.0 from VIN...B32753 (2009-14) • X350 (XJ) from VIN...H18680 to H32732 • X351 (XJ) from VIN...V00001 • XF from VIN...R79435

The convex mirror is curved. The constant radius of curvature of the lens gives a broader field of vision but the images tend to be greatly distorted. The aspheric mirror differs from the convex mirror in that 80% of the surface is convex with a large radius of curvature while the remaining 20% of the mirror, or the outside edge, is convex where the radius of the curvature decreases dramatically. The result is that the aspheric mirror produces a less distorted image while at the same time producing a field of vision up to 65% greater than that of the convex mirror.