Differential oils

In terms of content, there are many overlaps between differential oils and gear oils. Many gear oils fulfil API GL-3, which is the standard for many classic cars up to the 1970s, so they can be used in manual gearboxes and differentials. Even if the gearbox and differential do their work in the same housing, as in many front-wheel drive vehicles, they get the same oils. The following applies in particular to the final drive: Check the level regularly. Not enough oil is even worse than the wrong oil. Large oil losses at the final drive are rare, but the constant drip empties the housing.

Differential oils at Limora

Please note that in the case of four-wheel drive, two differentials must be checked. As the fluid level in the housing drops, the lubricating effect decreases and the load on the remaining lubricant increases. Wear increases rapidly until a delicate singing announces the coming death of the ring gear and bevel gear. The question of the right oil is answered by the Limora oil finder or the operating instructions of your vehicle.