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Operating shaft

Land Rover Operating shaft

Land Rover Series II and IIA (1958-71)

If the clutch on your Series II or IIA releases close to the floor, you know your clutch cylinders are in good condition and no amount of bleeding helps, chances are very good that your mechanical clutch linkage is worn out and needs replacing.
The mechanical clutch linkage is often one of the most neglected systems on a Land Rover because it just works. Over time and without periodic lubrication the pivot pins become grooved, the spherical bushing wears out, and the holes in the arms become oval. Added up this can translate to a lot of freeplay. The clutch should be released when the pedal is about half way to the floor.
The bronze bushing is porous and should be soaked in oil for 24 hours prior to installation. Be sure to oil the felt washers on either side of the bronze bushing as well.