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Jaguar Piston
rear brake caliper. Identify by 43 mm diameter

Jaguar E-Type 4.2 Serie 2 • E-Type V12 Serie 3 • 420 • Daimler Sovereign • XJ12 Series I, XJ12 Series II Jaguar Saloon to 2R54650 (LHD) and 2R3968 (RHD), XJ12 Series II Jaguar Coupe to 2G50661 (LHD) and 2G1145 (RHD), XJ12 Series II Daimler Saloon to 2K50114 (LHD) and 2K2227 (RHD), XJ12 Series II Daimler Coupe to 2F50012 (LHD) and 2F1062 (RHD), XJ12 Series II Vanden Plas to 2P50113 (LHD) and 2P1920 (RHD) • XJ6 Series I, XJ6 Series II 4.2 Saloon to 2S6333, 2S50205, 2T15417 and 2T58038, XJ6 Series II 4.2 Coupe to 2J1901, 2J51895, 2H1453 and 2H50018, XJ6 Series II 3.4 to 3A2903, 3A50663 and 3B1905, XJ6 Series II Vanden Plas to 3C1197