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Power steering conversion kit

Jaguar E-Type V12 Series 3 (1971-74)

The E-Type V12 Series 3 steering has a couple of strikes against it. As supplied from the factory, these cars had notoriously light and numb steering in the tradition of American boulevard cruisers. While the Series 3 E-Type had evolved away from the far more sporting earlier cars, the steering did nothing to help the car's cause. And time takes its toll on the various mechanical components. Many V-12 steering racks are now beyond repair, and replacements are virtually impossible to find. Our new steering rack kit neatly solves both issues. It gives the car the well-connected feel it should have had from the outset, greatly increasing communication from the tires to the steering wheel. And, because the kit uses a fully reconditioned rack from a decades newer Jaguar and new hoses, you will effectively "zero-time" your steering system. Bolt-in conversion with no body alterations required.