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Rocker cover gasket

29 EUR
high-temperature resistant silicone gasket for genuine steel rocker covers

Saab 99 with 1700cc and 1850cc engines (1968-75)

Triumph TR7 (1975-81)

Many manufacturers - all rocker covers
Avoid fiddling when installing the valve cover gasket. New silicone gasket: Resistant to high temperatures, oil and exhaust gases.
Also tear-resistant, extremely adaptable and durable. Valve covers or control covers can be removed as often as required. Ideal for racers, experimenters, valve lash neurotics and cleanliness fanatics.
Even the finest oil mist doesn't sweat through!
• These rocker cover gaskets are permanently tight.
• Reusable 100 times and cannot slip during installation.
• Flat on the cylinder head side, the gaskets are slightly rounded on the upper side.
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