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Elring Sealing compound

Sealing compound
Dirko S - profi press HT
Professional Pressure tube HT high-performance, permanently elastic and neutral silicone system with good bonding and adhesive strength - also used on plastics. Suitable for engines, transmissions, axles, Chassis and bodies. Also suitable for modern and tuned performance engines.
Curing times: about 4 mm in 24 hours - for a faster startup.
Also for the production of individual seals which can be sprayed directly.
• Non-corrosive to aluminum alloys, therefore suitable for modern light-alloy engines
• Resistant to ozone, extreme weather conditions, hot and cold water, salt water, fats and oils (also with additives), aliphatic hydrocarbons and detergents, weak acids and alkalis, and many other chemicals.
Filling Quantity 200 ml