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Shrinking tube

'Thermoflux' in black colour with 48" length - diameter before shrinking: 1.37/64", diameter after shrinking: 33/64"
Thermoflux is a flexible, heat shrinkable dual wall tubing with an integrally bonded meltable adhesive inner liner, designed to offer permanent moisture-proof encapsulations to a wide variety of substrates. Thermoflux has a unique inner wall which melts when heated and is forced into the crevices and interstices by the shrinking action of the outer wall. When cooled the entire mass becomes a flexible, tough homogeneous covering with a controlled wall thickness. Thermoflux is manufactured from radiation cross-linked polyolefins. Thermoflux has a specially formulated adhesive inner wall. Thermoflux shrinks to 1/3 of its supplied diameter and thus only a few sizes (8) are required to cover a full range of irregular shapes in a wide variety of applications.