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Suspension kit to coil springs

1390 EUR
with coil springs and dampers - direct replacement for hydragas suspension

MG MGF to VIN...2D600100 (December 2001)

The original Hydragas system has a limited life span as the nitrogen filling is not refillable. Visible indication is the sinking of the vehicle body, which can be seen in the wheel arches. The car can be temporarily pumped back to a higher level by pumping in additional liquid, but then the efficiency of the hydrogen springs gets even worse. This means that if your vehicle makes a low-lying rumble over the B-roads, the hydraulic gas elements are worn out.
We recommend replacing the hydraulic gas system with this complete set of specially developed spring elements. Solid metal springs fit exactly in place of the original hydragas spring elements, adapted special shock absorbers bring back safe handling. The components of this kit are maintenance-free and quickly assembled.
This kit consists 2 front spring canisters, 2 rear spring canisters, 2 front non adjustable dampers, 2 rear non adjustable dampers plus fitting instructions.
Vehicle Type Approval N