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Land Rover Switch
ignition and heater plug. Comes without barrel and key

Land Rover Series II, IIA and III Diesel (1958-85)

Adding electrical accessories
Stock series Land Rover electrical systems draw relatively little power. The ignition switch is designed to handle a maximum of about 10 Amps of continuous power.
Adding electrical accessories such as radios, power inverters and auxiliary lighting to the switched power can decrease the service life of the ignition switch.
When Rover added high power accessories, they were either wired into unswitched power or the switched power is carried through a relay (you can order the needed relay with order no.: 204850). A relay allows accessories that draw a lot of power to be controlled by a low power circuit.
When adding electrical accessories consider either adding them to the unswitched power or adding a relay to handle the extra power if you wish the power to be off when the ignition switch is off.
Whenever adding electrical accessories it is a good idea to fuse them and if you need to add a hole through the sheet metal make sure a grommet is added to protect the wire insulation.