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Penrite Synthetic engine oil

39 EUR
Synthetic engine oil
HPR 15W-60

Land Rover Series III V8 (1979-85) • 101 Forward Control (1972-78) • Defender V8 (1983-93) • Discovery I V8 (1989-98) • Discovery II V8 (1998-2004)

MG MGB V8 (1973-76) • MG RV8 (1992-96)

Range Rover Classic V8 (1970-96) • P38a V8 (1994-2002)

other manufacturers Morgan Plus 8 (1968-2004) • Rover P5B (1967-73) • Rover P6B (1968-76) • Rover SD1 (1976-87) • Ginetta G33 (1991-95) • Sisu NA-140 BT (1986-91) • Bowler Wildcat (2002-06) • all other vehicles with Rover V8 engine

Triumph TR8 (1978-81)

TVR Vehicles with Rover V8 engine: 350i, 350SE, 350SX, 390SE, 400SX, 420SE, 420SEAC, 450SE, 450SEAC, Chimaera, V8S, Griffith (1990-2002)

In our opinion the best oil for Rover V8 engines and all other classic engines with hydraulic tappets.
Specially developed engine oil for high-performance engines with multi-valve technology and several camshafts, for which a 15W engine oil is recommended. This oil offers excellent engine protection: At low temperatures it is well pumpable and thin enough to run into the hydraulic cam followers so that they do not rattle and wear. At high temperatures it impresses with its excellent viscosity characteristics.
HPR15W-60 contains the wear-protective additives zinc and phosphorus, required for classic vehicles and is also suitable for diesel engines without particulate filters.
Oil Name HPR
Viscosity 15W-60
Base Oil synthetic
Specifications • API SN/CF
• ACEA A3/B4
• Ford M2C153-E/902-A3
• GM 6094M
• MB 229.1
• VW 502.00/505.00.
Scope multigrade
Filling Quantity 5 l