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Castrol Synthetic engine oil

Synthetic engine oil
Magnatec SAE 5W/30 A1
Choose Castrol Magnatec 5W-30 A1 and your car will benefit from intelligent molecules that cling to your engine and protect it from start up.
Product Benefits:
• Uses fully synthetic technology.
• Bonds to metal surfaces making engine parts more resistant to wear.
• Combine with synthetic technology to provide increased protection in high and low temperature applications.
• Provides continuous protection for all driving conditions, styles and temperatures.
• Provides superior performance under extreme cold start up conditions.
Specifications and approvals:
• ACEA A1/B1, A5/B5
• Meets Ford WSS-M2C-913-A, WSS-M2C-913-B, WSS-M2C-913-C.
Filling Quantity 1 l