Pliers and scissors

Knipex® Pliers
Product number: 343102
3 piece set in profi quality. The "Powerbox" containing a water pump plier, a diagonal cutter and a combination plier

Knipex® Circlip pliers
Product number: 451761
supplied in a 4 piece set. Nice tool roll stocked with precision circlip pliers with straight tipps, 2 internal and 2 ex

Water pump pliers
Product number: 470474
250 mm long, capacity: 40 mm

Grip pliers
Product number: 300273
with curved jaws, supplied in a 3 piece set. 140, 190 and 220 mm long, made from hardened and tempered quality-steel

Crimping pliers
Product number: 490109
with ratchet function and 5 exchangeable jaws, length: 215 mm

Hole punch and edge setter pliers
Product number: 217604
with adjustable combination head. 290 mm long pliers for hole punch and flanging car panels