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VW Beetle Gold Portfolio

VW Beetle Gold Portfolio
Author R.M. Clarke
Pages 172
Format 203 mm x 273 mm
Blurb When Adolph Hitler decided to persuade the German people to fund the production of their own car in the 1930s he can hardly have imagined the worldwide success that car would enjoy two decades later. Similarly, Major Ivan Hirst can hardly have imagined what he was starting when he persuaded a demoralised workforce to start building the car as Germany struggled to pick itself up from the devastation it had suffered in the War which Hitler had started. The Beetle responded to a worldwide need for cheap, robust and reliable transport. The early versions were very basic, but the later models covered by this book had improvements in the key areas of performance, brakes and handling. Yet they never lost the simplicity which was essential to Ferdinand's original design. He was confident enough of the soundness of that design, and of the quality of what was coming off the Volkswagen production lines at Wolfsburg, to adapt the Beetle's mechanical elements for the first sports cars he manufactured in his own name. The articles reproduced here tell the story the Beetle's development and its sales in the English-speaking countries during its first 20 or so years in production. I am in no doubt that this Gold Portfolio will prove enjoyable reading for anyone who likes, owns, or is merely interested in the early Beetles. This is a book of contemporary road & comparison tests, new model intros, technical data, driving & road impressions, profile, rallying, history, long term tests plus advice on acquiring a good pre-owned car. Models covered: 1131cc, 1200, 1300, 1500 & convertible